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2mm 10pin XBee Socket
This is a 10-pin socket with 2mm pitch that mates with the popular XBee radio from Maxstream. Use..
Rp. 8,000
2WD MiniQ Robot Chassis+ Kit
The 2WD MiniQ Robot Chassis+ Kit is a robotics kit that is suitable for beginners in microco..
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Rp. 399,000
3D Printing Services
Famosa Studio now offering 3D Printing services for customer who need to print a 3 dimension obje..
Rp. 6,000
4xAA Battery Holder (square with cover)
Simple 4 Cell AA Battery holder with 5" tinned leads, square configuration. This holder features ..
Rp. 12,500
4xAA Battery Holder (square)
Simple 4 Cell AA Battery holder with 5" tinned leads, square configuration. Specification ..
Rp. 6,000
74HC164 - 8-Bit Parallel-Out Serial Shift Registers
These 8-bit shift registers feature AND-gated serial inputs and an asynchronous clear (CLR) input..
Rp. 8,500
74HC165 - 8-Bit Parallel-In/Serial-Out Shift Registers
The 74HC/HCT165 are high-speed Si-gate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with low power Sc..
Rp. 8,500
74HC192 - Presettable Synchronous 4-Bit Up/Down Counters
The ’HC192, ’HC193 and ’HCT193 are asynchronously presettable BCD Decade and Binary Up/Down synch..
Rp. 14,500
74HC595 - Shift Register 8-Bit
74HC595 - Shift Register 8-Bit is a simple shift register IC. Clock in data and latch it to free ..
Rp. 6,000
Arduino Holder Kit
Gunakan Arduino Holder Kit ini sebagai dudukan board Arduino anda. Cocok dengan Arduino Uno, Duem..
Rp. 55,000
Arduino MEGA Protoshield Kit w/ Breadboard
This small prototyping shield can be plugged on top of the Arduino Mega. It has a grid of solder ..
Rp. 169,000
Arduino MEGA Stackable Header Kit
These headers are made to work with the Arduino MEGA 1280/2560 Main Board. They are the perfect h..
Rp. 29,000