2WD MiniQ Robot Chassis+ Kit

Rp. 399,000
Brand: Famosa Studio
Product Code: ROB0002

The 2WD MiniQ Robot Chassis+ Kit is a robotics kit that is suitable for beginners in microcontroller or robotics. Why + (plus)? Because this is a 2WD MiniQ Robotic Chassis kit with the addition of the holder base from Acrylic for ease of use. It use two gear motor with has more than enough power. It is also very easy to assemble.
To complete this kit you will need an Arduino Uno (or compatible) and a motor shield (minimum 1A). You can also add a micro servo to hold a distance sensor, as the eye of the robot. Soldering skills are also required to install the necessary cables.
Image of the sample application from the original kit (without additional holder base).

2WD MiniQ Robot Chassis - Original

Image of the application from the +Kit using the holder base.

2WD MiniQ Robot Chassis Plus

Image of the application of the +Kit using Arduino Uno, Motor Shield 1A, Micro Servo a Sharp GP2Y0A21.

2WD MiniQ Robot Chassis Plus - Complete

Chassis Specification

  • Chassis Diameter: 122mm
  • Distance between chassis and ground: 15mm
  • Wheel Diameter: 42mm

Base Holder Specification

  • 3mm Acrylic (laser cut)
  • Holes to place Arduino Uno(or the compatible)
  • Nylon Screw to hold the Arduino
  • Hole for the micro servo
  • Hole for toggle switch (hole diameter 6mm)

Motor Specification

  • 13000 rpm @ No load
  • 50:1 Gear ratio
  • 260 rpm @ 6V
  • 40mA @ 6V
  • 360mA stall current @ 6V
  • 10 oz inches torque @ 6V

Shipping List

  • Two N20 Motors
  • Two Rubber Wheels
  • One castor
  • MiniQ 2WD Chassis
  • Two Motor brackets
  • One set screws
  • Acrylic Base (3mm)
  • Nylon Screw Set for Arduino
  • Nylon Screw Set for Acrylic Base

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