Famosa Studio Robotik Kit

Rp. 1,599,000
Brand: Famosa Studio
Product Code: ROB0001

Famosa Studio Robotic Kit (FSRB) is a robotic product from Famosa Studio Online Store. Equipped with Arduino Uno/Leonardo, 1A Motor Shield, 2 units of Standard Servo (converted into 360 degree rotation), Micro Servo and Ultrasonic Range Sensor HC-SR04. FSRB can move to avoid obstacles in front of him because it uses the distance sensor. This robotic kit product is suitable for beginners in the field of robotics. It uses a transparent acrylic body so it is beautiful to see.

FSRB was inspired by the SERB (Arduino Controller Servo Robot) made by oomlout. SERB was published in Instructables, more details can be found here. There are some differences between FSRB and SERB, among others, the wheels size and the front wheels. FSRB uses Metal Ball Casters as a front wheel.

Demo Video

FSRB Shipping List:

  • 1x Arduino Uno/Leonardo (with headers) – pre-programmed, ready to use
  • 1x Motor Shield 1A – with Male Header addition
  • 1x Set Robotic Body
  • 2x Standard Servo – converted into 360 degress of rotation
  • 1x Micro Servo
  • 1x Ultrasonic Range Sensor Module HC-SR04
  • 7x Jumper Wires
  • 1x Set DC Power Jack + Switch + Battery Holder
  • 1x Set Robotic Wheel
  • 1x Set Sensor Holder
  • 1x Metal Ball Casters
  • 2x O-ring
  • 11x Acrylic Spacers
  • 15x Set 10mm Bolt & Nuts
  • 17x Set 16mm Bolt & Nuts
  • 1x Set Nylon Screw
  • USB Cable
  • DVD Manual, Software, Arduino Tutorial & Video



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