Arduino Protoshield Kit w/ Breadboard

Rp. 149,000
Brand: Famosa Studio
Product Code: KIT0004

This small prototyping shield can be plugged on top of the Arduino Uno and Mega. It has a grid of solder holes allowing user to develop small circuit to connect to the Arduino board. A 20-pin DIP and a 14-pin SMD footprint are available for experienced user to mount a SMD/DIP component of his choice. 

This item comes in kit form and must be soldered together by the user. It is relatively easy and straight forward to solder as all components are through hole.

Breadboard is included!


  • All Arduino pins are brought to the top level
  • 5V, GND, and Vin pins are exposed as well
  • 2 general use LEDs
  • Reset button brought to top level

Shipping List

  • 1x Protoshield bare PCB
  • 1x Mini Breadboard
  • 2x 6-pin Stackable Header
  • 2x 8-pin Stackable Header
  • 2x 3mm LEDs
  • 2x 330 ohm resistor
  • 1x Tactile Switch
  • 1x Male Header - 1x40
  • 1x Female Header - 1x40

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