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Circular LED Bargraphs - Blue
These circular LED displays are a lot of fun. Essentially, these are what you would get if you co..
Rp. 159,000
Clear Plastic Knob
This plastic knob accepts a 6mm shaft and has a 15mm outer diameter. They simple press-fit onto a..
Rp. 12,500
Coin Cell Battery - 12mm
CR1225 3V 12mm 47mAh coin cell batteries. Perfect small battery for miniature sensor node applica..
Rp. 19,000
Conductive Thread (Thin) - 50'
Conductive thread is a creative way to connect various electronics onto clothing. This thread can..
Rp. 139,000
Conductive Thread Bobbin - 30ft (Stainless Steel)
This is 30 feet (900cm) of conductive thread spun from stainless steel fiber and wound on a plast..
Rp. 49,000
Crimping Pliers for JST
These crimping pliers allow you to easily make your own wiring harnesses using crimp pins and cab..
Rp. 799,000
Crystal SMD 16MHz
These are very small surface mount quartz crystals used where size is a concern. Ideal for use wi..
Rp. 13,500
Crystal SMD 24MHz
  These are very small surface mount quartz crystals used where size is a concern. ..
Rp. 9,000
DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Breadboard Compatible
This DC power jack/connector is just like the other one that we carry except that it’s terminated..
Rp. 12,500
Deans Connector - M/F Pair
Do you have an R/C vehicle battery pack that desperately needs a Deans connector? With our new M/..
Rp. 10,000
Digital FM Radio Receiver Retail
This is a breakout board for the Silicon Laboratories Si4703 FM tuner chip. Beyond being a simple..
Rp. 269,000
DIYDrones ArduIMU+ V3
The ArduIMU+ V3 is the latest and greatest version of DIYDrones' smart IMU. This time they've mad..
Rp. 1,249,000