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Grove - BLE
This Grove - BLE utilizes an HM-11 module to provide your Arduino/Seeeduino with serial BLE funct..
Rp. 299,000
Grove - Differential Amplifier
Find setting up an amplifier IC on the breadboard a troublesome and totally no-need-to-repeat job..
Rp. 219,000
Grove - Digital Light Sensor
This module is based on the I2C light-to-digital converter TSL2561 to transform light intensity t..
Rp. 139,000
Grove - Dust Sensor
This sensor is to create Digital (Lo Pulse) output to Particulate Matters (PM). Lo Pulse Occupanc..
Rp. 249,000
Grove - Electronic Brick 4 Pin To Grove 4 Pin Converter Cable (5 pcs Pack)
The Grove - 4 Pin Shrouded to Grove Converter Cable allows Grove elements to be easily conne..
Rp. 45,000
Grove - Fingerprint Sensor
The Fingerprint Sensor is one optical fingerprint sensor which will make adding fingerprint detec..
Rp. 699,000
Grove - I2C Color Sensor
This module is based on the color sensor TCS3414CS with digital output I2C. Based on the 8*2 arra..
Rp. 319,000
Grove - Infrared Emitter
The Infrared Emitter is used to transmit infrared signals through an infrared LED, while there is..
Rp. 55,000
Grove - Infrared Receiver
The Infrared Receiver is used to receive infrared signals and also used for remote control detect..
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Rp. 55,000
Grove - Light Sensor
The Light sensor module uses the GL5528 photoresistor to detect the light intensity of the enviro..
Rp. 49,000
Grove - Moisture Sensor
This Moisture Sensor can be used to detect the moisture of soil or judge if there is water around..
Rp. 69,000
Grove - Relay
The Relay is a digital normally open switch that controls a relay capable of switching much highe..
Rp. 49,000