Low-profile Micro-SD Card Adapter for Raspberry Pi

Rp. 29,000
Brand: ITEAD Studio
Product Code: DEV0026

Raspberry Pi low-profile micro-SD Card Adapter can be used to convert a micro-SD card for direct use with your Raspberry Pi, without the use of full size SD card, which often get damaged because it sticks out of the PCB.

Low-profile adapters are tiny and sit completely flush with the edge of the Raspberry Pi, so there's no risk of knocking your SD card out (or having it stolen!)

And the whole adapter is under the board "hidden".



  • 100% Brand New Premium Quality
  • Micro-SD Card adapter for Raspberry Pi
  • Perfectly fits into Raspberry Pi SD card holder
  • No edge exposed outside card slot to avoid damage to card or main board
  • Gold plated contacts


Note: The package only contains a micro-SD card adapter, the Micro-SD card and the Raspberry Pi board is NOT included.

Note: This Low-profile Micro-SD Card Adapter is compatible with the Pi Tin enclosures that is also available at our store.

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