Laser Keyboard Kit

Rp. 849,000
Brand: Seeed Studio
Product Code: KIT0030

Here comes the latest verion2 designed by RoboPeak, more compact, more reliable and a 3D printed framework!

Using lasers to create a virtual keyboard? This seems to be only existing in sci-fi movies. Well, with this Laser Keyboard Kit, you will not only be able to tap on laser projections as the keyboard, but also program it to be anything you want, such as a laser multi-touch pad. With a few quick and simple assemblings and calibratings, your laser projection keyboard is ready to glow in the dark!

A laser projection keyboard is a form of computer input device whereby the image of a virtual keyboard is projected onto a surface: when a user touches the surface covered by an image of a key, the device records the corresponding keystroke. The projection is realized in four main steps and via three modules: projection module, sensor module and illumination module. The main devices and technologies used to project the image are a diffractive optical element, red laser diode, CMOS sensor chip and an infrared (IR) laser diode.

This Laser Projection Keyboard Kit V2 is based on the open-source laser keyboard project designed by RoboPeak Team. It works just like a standard keyboard on your PC/MAC with the help of the related signal processing software designed by RoboPeak. The signal processing software also supports turning your laser keyboard kit into a multi-touch pad. As an open-source project, you can freely make any changes/improvement to the current design and go through the implementation detail of the kit. 


  • DIY Laser Keyboard
  • Custom interactive input solution
  • Custom touch pad


System Compatibility

  • Windows/MacOS



  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • Pure white 3D printed frame
  • Random access to get sexy purple version
  • Laser Safety Classification: Class 1M
  • Integrate custom 170┬░wide-angle vision camera (driver free) with 790nm infrared filter
  • Linear laser spec: 790nm 10mw
  • Dimensions: 5.5cm x 4cm x 10cm(almost half size of the Laser keyboard v1)
  • System Compatibility: Windows/MacOS


Shipping List

  • Camera Frame 1 unit
  • Laser Keyboard Projector Frame 1 unit
  • Power Board Mounting Base 1 unit
  • Camera (driver free) 1 unit
  • Laser keyboard v2 power board 1 unit
  • Linear laser module 1 unit
  • Laser Keyboard Projector 1 unit
  • M2x8 self-tapping screws 10 units
  • M2x12 self-tapping screws 3 units
  • Cable for camera 1 unit
  • Micro USB Cable 1 unit






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