Grove - Starter Kit Plus

Rp. 679,000
Brand: Seeed Studio
Product Code: KIT0017

As an open source hardware facilitator, we dedicate to make electronic prototyping easy and fast. We believe more effort should be put on concepts design rather than how to build basic circuits especially in the idea phase.

Grove is a modular electronic platform for quick prototyping. Every module has one function, such as touch sensing, creating audio effect and so on. Just plug the modules you need to the base shield, then you are ready to test your idea buds.

This Grove Starter Kit Plus is a upgraded version of our Grove Starter Kit. We included more frequently encountered modules in this kit to support your concept buildup. Meanwhile, we totally refreshed the whole image of this kit with eye-catching green and user-friendly booklet and stickers. If you were ever held back by the serious face of electronic modules, then it's time to review the point and discover the new face of it.

Part List

  • Grove - Base Shield
  • Grove - Buzzer
  • Grove - Sound Sensor
  • Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor (P)
  • Grove - Touch Sensor
  • Grove - Light Sensor (P)
  • Grove - Vibrator
  • Grove - Temperature Sensor
  • Grove - Relay
  • Grove - Magnetic switch
  • Grove - Button(P)
  • Grove - Switch(P)
  • Grove - Red LED (3mm)
  • Grove - Green LED (3mm)
  • Grove - Blue LED (5mm)
  • Grove - Screw Terminal
  • Grove - Servo
  • Grove - 5cm w/o buckle Cable x5
  • Grove - 20cm w/o buckle Cable x5
  • Grove - 50cm w/o buckle Cable x5
  • 9V Battery Clip
  • Grove Guide Book
  • Sticker


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