EasyVR - Voice Recognition Module

Rp. 799,000
Brand: VeeaR
Product Code: SEN0003

EasyVR is a multi-purpose speech recognition module designed to add versatile, robust and cost effective speech and voice recognition capabilities to virtually any application. EasyVR is the second generation version of the successful VRbot module and builds on the features and functionality of its predecessor. Along with features like 32 user-defined Speaker Dependent (SD) triggers and a host of built-in speaker independent (SI) commands, the EasyVR adds convenient features such as firmware update capability, 8ohm speaker output and additional SI languages.

A simple and robust serial protocol (9600 8-N-1 default) can be used to access these functions from the user's microcontroller boards. The EasyVR can be powered by anywhere between 3.3 and 5.5V, and typically consumes 12mA of current in operation.


  • A host of built-in speaker independent (SI) commands (available in US English, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish and French) for ready to run basic controls.
  • Supports up to 32 user-defined Speaker Dependent (SD) triggers or commands (any language) as well as Voice Passwords.
  • Easy-to-use and simple Graphical User Interface to program Voice Commands to your robot.
  • Module can be used with any host with an UART interface (powered at 3.3V - 5V) .
  • Simple and robust serial protocol to access and program the module through the host board.
  • 3 GPIO lines (IO1, IO2, IO3) that can be controlled by new protocol commands (3V)
  • Audio output that supports 8 ohm speakers
  • Firmware update capability with two additional lines (/XM, /RST)
  • Sound playback feature:
    • You can make your own sound tables using Sensory QuickSynthesis4 tool
    • The new EasyVR GUI includes a command to process and download custom sound tables to the module (overwriting existing sound table)
    • NOTE: default firmware has no sound table, but can Beep using sound index 0 – always available. Custom sounds start at index 1.
    • The VoiceGP DevBoard (available separately) is required for programming the EasyVR flash.



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